It is of great importance to European Patent owners to make the most of their European patents at the maximum level by making them validated in the countries in which they wish to protect.

European patent validation process requires

  • rapid response to clients’ necessities,
  • high quality translation production by use of technically qualified translators specialized in patent language and terminology, and in the related arts and technologies,
  • cost effective methods as it requires individual protection in each of EPC contracting states in short time limits, and
  • effective communication skills.

We do our best to meet these requirements with our services of the following features in Turkey.


We are multilingual, open-minded and responsive people to handle European patent validations in best manner and always ready to timely respond to clients’ instructions and questions.

Cost-effective approach

  • You can comparatively save almost 30% in translation costs for individual cases and much more in the case of high number of European patent validation assignments in a year,
  • You will have one invoice only for whole European patent validation process, delivered upon completion of the work. There will be no further invoices for extra work if any,
  • If required, invoicing can be made based on pre-determined numbers of words of the original text provided by clients,
  • You can ask fixed fees without regarding the ensuing numbers of words or characters in Turkish translation of European patents to keep price clarity.
  • We do not apply any disbursements, and therefore there will be no hidden costs,
  • In the case of divisional cases, we are performing translations based on parent patents on comparative basis, which enables substantive cost savings in translations.

Reliable translations

No doubt, quality translation is most significant aspect for European patent validations. Lack of quality may be fatal on enforcements due to internal implementing regulation of EPC in the Turkish jurisdiction.

  • We have a large networks of translators, all specialized in patent language and terminology as well as qualified in all fields of science and technology, e.g. chemistry, electronics, mechanics, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • We have patent attorneys of experience of over 15 years for accuracy checks after completion of the translations
  • Turkish translations of the European patents are performed based on the Druckexemplar
  • The copies of Turkish translations are provided in an editable Word format after validating the European patents in Turkey


Needless to say, deadlines are vital for European patent validations in Turkey since Turkish Industrial Property Law accepts no excuse. We are skeptical and alert always, performing cross-checks by system and person. We take a sound approach on the deadlines.


  • PGP encrypted e-mail transmissions where required,
  • Generating invoices in Ledes invoice formats,
  • Complying with clients’ specific time limits without regarding deadlines.
  • In need of instant information, you can write to us by Skype any time (please refer to Contact Us)

What is expected when we are instructed for validating European patents in Turkey?

Please simply instruct us by email with European patent number. We can download all the documents by European Patent Office's online services (EPOLINE). If you have any special request (invoicing, translations, reporting issues), please let us know.

No Power of Attorney or any other documents are required for handling European patent validations in Turkey.

European Patent Validation Proceedings in Turkey

Request for European patent validation should be filed within 3 months after publication of decision to grant in European Patent Bulletin. No extension of time is possible for validating European patents in Turkey. If European patent is not validated in due time, there is no further chance of validation, i.e. no re-establishment of rights.

After filing request for validation, TURKPATENT performs formal examination within one month, and if no deficiency is found, European patent is published in Turkish Patent Bulletin and Patent Certificate is electronically issued and sent within 2-3 months after completion of formal examination.

Provided that the request for European patent validation is filed in due time, Turkish translation can be still filed later but with a surcharge to be paid together with the request for European patent validation.

For EP validation, specifications of European patent, i.e. description, claims and drawings etc., are required to be translated into Turkish.

Please feel free to ask quotation, our preliminary advices and quotations are free and non-binding. You are always welcome.

Please Note: If you are participating in a tender for European patent validations, please contact us for best possible prices; we are at your service.

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