In-Use Investigations

We are performing trademark in-use investigation searches all around Turkey through professional investigators.

In our investigations, we are doing the followings:

  • Searches in Turkish Trademark Database
  • Internet Searches
  • Company Registry Searches
  • Covert and Pretext Approaches
  • On-Site Visits in disguise
  • Collecting product samples
  • Taking photos of products
  • Obtaining full list of products

After completing investigation, we are preparing a clear and comprehensive reports with the collected evidences for clients’ evaluation.

Our investigation services are charged on the basis of flat fees and our turnaround time is 10-20 days after we are instructed to take action.

Legal Status and Equivalency Searches

We are providing legal status searches for patents, trademarks, designs by use of database of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Company Registry Searches

We search and report any developments and information (company partners, company official location, changes in the registries) concerning a company active in Turkey by use of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Please feel free to ask quotation, our preliminary advices and quotations are free and non-binding. You are always welcome.

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