We are providing renewal and annuity payment services for patents, trademarks and designs in Turkey and all around the world through our trusted global network of agents. Here are some of our key points in our managing renewals and annuities.


We are handling your renewals and annuities with utmost attention and solid monitoring.

  • Double checks on status of patents, trademarks and designs before filing requests for renewal
  • Two separate databases for avoiding any isolated error
  • At least 3 times reminders 6 months, 3 months and 1 month before due dates
  • Specialization on restoration of rights
  • Persistent monitoring renewal due dates and no abandonment unless instructed otherwise
  • Budgeting
  • Generating free status reports without regarding size of inquiries (TURKEY only)

Costs and Payments

We have flexible and client-oriented approach to the cost issues and we have different cost and payment options according to clients’ budget and portfolio.

Here are some points of our pricing and payment approach:

  • Free of charge status reports if requested by confirming based on Patent Office’s database and contacting Patent Office where required for updated status (TURKEY only)
  • Fixed fees without any hidden costs
  • No disbursements (In case of renewals)
  • Charging base on real time currency exchange rates
  • Further reductions on prices in case of advance payments
  • In case of first instructions for renewals, 10% welcome discount.
  • Substantive reductions in the case of large portfolio transfer
  • No additional professional fees in the case of payments in grace periods (TURKEY ONLY)
  • No charge for address updates if it would be made with renewal (TURKEY only)
  • No urgency fee where payment should be made in a rush (TURKEY ONLY)
  • No charges for providing translation of renewal certificates into English (TURKEY ONLY)
  • Smooth and transparent billing (official fees and professional fees appear separately)
  • Various payment options (credit card, wire transfer, check payment, Western Union money transfers etc.)

Required Documents

There is no required documents, including Power of Attorney, for renewing patents, trademarks and designs in Turkey. Renewals in other countries are subject to the official requirements of those countries and we will be happy to provide any documents ready to execute upon request.

You can find more information in the section FAQ for proceedings and payments regarding annuities and renewals for patents, trademarks and designs in Turkey.

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