We are extremely knowledgeable about local translation business and know where to find best qualified translators specialized on technical and legal documents of the relevant field in Turkey. We are performing our translation services by outsource and inhouse translators and we will be happy to help to meet your needs for your translation projects in Turkey.

Outsource Translations

We have a large network of translators in any languages and are able to find and assign appropriate Turkish translators specialized in the related field for your projects.

While outsourcing, we are carefully selecting technical or legal translators and assigning translations by investigating translators’ background in the profession and the art and obtaining and reviewing translators’ samples as reference point. In our selection for assignment of translations, we are prioritizing academics specialized in the art for technical documents and lawyers and legal academics for the legal documents.

As we have the knowledge of supply channels of local translation industry, we can provide cost-effective translations for your projects in Turkey without sacrificing quality in any manner.

In-House Translations

Beyond their vocational skills on patents and trademarks, our Patent and Trademark Attorneys are sworn translators and specialized on and capable of providing English-Turkish and Turkish-English translation services in respect of the followings.

  • Proofreading of any Intellectual Property (IP) related documents
  • Transliteration of Trademarks
  • Trademark Opposition and Appeal Letters
  • List of Goods and Services for Trademarks*
  • Assignment Documents for Patents, Trademarks and Designs
  • License Agreements for Patents, Trademarks and Designs
  • Patent, Trademark and Design Certificates
  • Notary Public Statements and Legalization Statements
  • Extracts of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Statements, Letters or Office Actions of Patent and Trademark Offices

*When performing translations of list of goods and services, we are making comprehensive text and image based searches on the web to understand the concept proposed by the term in foreign language. We are performing searches on trademark databases and classification tools, e.g.TMClass, MGS - Madrid Goods and Service Manager, for lodging the most appropriate Turkish term in the list of goods and services.


  • Number of words are calculated based on target language (mostly Turkish language)
  • Translation rates are quoted per 100 words
  • Where requested, flat fees are welcome for price clarity and avoiding any unexpected costs
  • Proofreading is performed on hourly rates but flat fees are possible where requested
  • Discounts are possible in the case of advance payments or large translation projects (over 20.000 words)

Please feel free to ask quotation, our preliminary advices and quotations are free and non-binding. You are always welcome.

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